We take pride in our health and safety inspection services and we believe we can help your organization to assess and control the risks in your working environment. This is achieved through the identification of hazards during inspection and the provision of appropriate recommendations for any areas of improvement.


Audits and inspections are important for any organization to maintain a safe work environment and to help ensure the health of your workers.

To ensure your legal obligations are being met and maintained, internal objectives and targets are achieved and ensuring your workers are protected from hazards within your workplace, it is vital that site inspections and audits are regularly conducted.


Qualified and competent lead auditors with regulatory backgrounds carry out all our inspections and audits, and we will be able to provide you with a safety advisor that has experience within your industry.

  • AS/NZS; 4801 Safety Management System Audits
  • State and Federal legislative compliance inspections
  • WorkSafe Plan assessments


All inspections are followed up with a detailed report:

  • Reports are generated and provided to identify any areas of non-conformance along with areas of effective management
  • Reports include recommended corrective actions to ensure that risks are minimized and all legislative requirements are met
  • All inspections are carried out by qualified, competent and registered Lead Assessors.


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