WHS Incident Investigation


WHS incidents occur in the workplaces every day for many reasons. If something happens in your organisation, there are significant benefits to be gained from getting assistance from an objective third party in the investigation.

Unfortunately, despite having robust policies procedures and systems, an incident may occur that warrants a thorough investigation. The primary goal of any incident investigation is to identify the root causes of the incident, so that appropriate corrective actions are put in place to prevent the situation happening again. If the root cause isn’t correctly identified, time and money is wasted and ultimately safety is compromised.

WHS Consulting & Training Network, conduct workplace investigations into incidents that result in injury or illness, property damage or dangerous near miss events using a variety of techniques, from 5 Why’s and Fishbone diagrams, all the way up to a formal ICAM investigation. Only by identifying the root causes can a business owner be confident that the actions taken will be effective.

The information gained through the analysis will be provided in a written report. The report recommendations will outline effective control strategies that will eliminate or reduce the specific surface causes of the accident and will also propose system improvements to missing or inadequate safety system components that contributed to the accident.

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