WHS Essentials for Small Business

The Work Health and Safety legislation requires you to ensure your workplace is safe.


As a small business owner facing the day-to-day pressures of running a business, the thought of having systems in place to manage health and safety can seem overwhelming. However, managing health and safety and return to work doesn’t need to be difficult.


To ensure you fulfil your obligation for a safe workplace, you need to become aware of what can cause harm and then take action to ensure no one is at risk while they are in your workplace. WHS workers compensation and returning to work can lead to complicated matters. Small businesses face many challenges in obtaining tailored information and services that meet everyone’s needs.


Many small business operators say that getting access to relevant and targeted advice can make it a lot easier to manage their work health and safety responsibilities. They generally do not have the time or resources to search for information that is relevant to their business.


WHS Nitty-gritties is a safety consultation service delivered by an experienced work place health and safety consultant. The consultant can spend up to four hours with you to:


  • Discuss health and safety issues at your workplace
  • Advise on how to develop and implement your own safety management system
  • Help you to devise a safety action plan and solutions to manage work health and safety hazards
  • Provide guidance to help you with potential solutions for work health and safety issues.


It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your safety obligations and to receive tailored advice on managing safety in your workplace. The program is suited to small businesses that have limited or no safety systems in place.


The initial on-site visit will take up to four hours. It’s not one size fits all! The consultant will learn about how your business works. For example; the type of product or service you provide, how you make or deliver this, the number of staff you have and what health and safety plans you already have. Take a look around the workplace with you to identify any safety issues that may not have been addressed. Provide advice on how to manage safety, consult with your employees and what documentation you may need.


The consultant will provide you with a Safety Action Plan/Report which provides you with a priority list of what issues the consultant believes need to be addressed, and provides advice on how to go about addressing these issues.


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