WHS Site Assessment and inspections have legal status, being an obvious part of the general duty of care. All persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU, are required to have adequate WHS practices in place to provide all workers with, so far as reasonably practicable, a workplace that is free of hazards and risks that can adversely affect the health and safety of employees and have the ability to demonstrate continual improvement to the safety practices..

By conducting an independent audit of the company’s WHS practices, any gaps can be identified and address to allow a robust WHS program to be implemented/enhanced, protecting the health and safety of your workers and protecting the business from unnecessary financial costs, or exposure to financial penalties.

WHS Consulting & Training Network, conducts all WHS gap analysis audits in accordance with the relevant OHS/WHS act and Australian Standard AS/NZ: 4801:2001. This level of auditing provides a comprehensive review and assessment of the current physical WHS hazards and risks, which are in place and what additional control measures may be required.


The audit process is conducted by a qualified WHS professional and certified WHS auditor. The WHS Gap Analysis audit involves a detailed review of the, 33 sections and a total of (approximately) 286 areas of assessment being verified (depending on the audit criteria and scope.

This audit process can be completed as a comprehensive standalone audit component or combined with the WHS Gap Management System audit, providing a general overview assessment of the WHSMS, along with the comprehensive assessment of the company’s physical WHS practices provided by the conduction of a Gap analysis audit, to ensure continued improvement to the methods, used by the company, to manage WHS hazards and risks is achieved.

We can also provide Gap Analysis and audit preparation services for following:


AS/NZS 4801

OHSAS 18001

ISO 14001

ISO 9001


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