Ergonomics Vehicle Assessment


Drivers may be spending significant lengths of time in vehicles with sedentary positions, which increases the risk of MSDs and discomfort as much as when working at a computer workstation in an office. Prolonged periods of sitting can place heavy demands of our posture, particularly when sitting in a vehicle due to added effects of movement and vibration on the body. It is important that anyone using a vehicle for work observes adequate ergonomic requirements to minimize the risk of injury.

Ergonomics Vehicle Assessments are for workers who are required to drive for their employer, workers with specific musculoskeletal complaints or companies who are looking to raise the awareness and education for drivers to improve their seated work posture and educate them on how to set the vehicle up to suit their specific needs.



Ergonomics Vehicle Assessments are completed by experienced Ergonomists who are experts in driving ergonomics.

Ergonomics Vehicle Assessments can be completed on a range of vehicles including, cars, vans, trucks and lorries.

To complete the Ergonomics Vehicle Assessment, the Ergonomist will complete the following process:

  1. Informal interview with individual to get detailed understanding of history, daily job tasks and discomfort.
  2. Discussion covering posture and set up in relation to driving ergonomics.
  3. Task assessment of individual in their vehicle. Data collection such as video, photographs, anthropometric measurements and vehicle adjustments will be collected. Adjustments to vehicle will be made onsite where possible.
  4. Demonstration of stretches and manual handling techniques to reduce risk of injury after long periods of driving.
  5. Debrief of onsite findings with individual.
  6. Full Ergonomics Vehicle Assessment report produced setting out findings and recommendations for change.

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