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A recent worldwide study led by the University of Sydney has proven that lower back pain is the most commonly recorded of workplace injuries, ranking higher than any other condition including cardiac disease and depression. Often both severe and costly, back injuries can arise from a number of ergonomic exposures including heavy lifting, forceful movement, awkward positions and poor workstation set up.


Most common amongst those who work in the agricultural sector and those within the 35-60 age bracket, lower back pain can affect people of all ages and in all occupations. In Australia alone, back pain costs around $4.8 billion each year for health care, with 25% of sufferers in the 18-55 age group taking 10 or more days off per year.


The burden of lower back pain due to ergonomic risk factors means that nearly 80% of adult Australians will experience back pain at some point during their lives, a figure that is on the rise due to inactive lifestyles and increasing obesity.



We assess & Evaluate risks associated with the workplace, systems of work, work machinery, substances, articles, PPE, VDU, manual handling etc, as they apply to employees, self employed or others. An Ergonomic Risk Assessment is the only suitable method to investigate incidents of WRULDs (work related upper limb disorders), RSI (repetitive strain injuries), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, “Back Problems” etc – as they might develop or occur in the workplace.


A comprehensive scan of workplace to identify safety risks associated with various job activities, processes and environmental factors. Includes a customized risk management plan based on hazard identification, risk evaluation and pragmatic recommendations for risk control. Also includes worker coaching and follow up.


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