Contractor Management


Any business which uses contractors has health and safety responsibilities to them, as well as anyone else that could be affected by their activities. Therefore contractor management is of vital importance for every business that uses contractors.

At WHS Consulting & Training Network, we understand that poor contractor management can lead to injuries, ill health, additional costs and delays. They won’t necessarily be familiar with your workplace, and can be unfamiliar with your procedures, rules, risks and hazards. Even regular contractors can be unfamiliar if there have been changes to your health and safety policies.

Managing contractor safety can be a complex and challenging area for a business to manage.  Contractor safety at work is the responsibility of your business, so contractors must have a clear understanding of what is required at your workplace.

If you already have a contractor safety management process in place, we can do a Gap Analysis to ensure your current policies and procedures are up to date with current WHS legislation and identify any improvement opportunities.

Contractor Management Services include:

  • Auditing contractor’s documentation.
  • Review current contractor safety management process and make recommendations.
  • Development of a contractor safety management program for your business including:
  • WHS Policies and Procedures
  • WHS Checklists
  • WHS Induction Training

We will work with you to draw up a contractor management policy & procedures that works for your business and provide you with all the support you need to ensure your compliance.

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